Voice Over Coaching


Coaching & Demo Production

Experienced in digital sound editing Elizabeth specializes in directing talent and creating effective & entertaining voice demos. Workshops and private coaching sessions are offered at The North Fulton School of Music and Grant Park Music, where Elizabeth also teaches piano, voice and various styles of singing – a much needed skill in the voice over industry!

Workshop Topics :

  • Vocal technique
  • The Four Core Foundation Techniques
  • Interpreting Copy
  • Incorporating Variety
  • Microphone Technique
  • Daily Exercises & Practice Tips
  • How to Build an Inexpensive Home Studio

Through reading copy and receiving feedback in our voice over workshops, you’ll learn to fine tune your
interpretations and unlock your unique style. Then build on that foundation in our other voice over

Character Demos // Elizabeth Hobbs - Demo Reel
  1. Character Demos // Elizabeth Hobbs - Demo Reel
  2. Commercials // Elizabeth Hobbs - Demo Reel
  3. Messages on Hold // Elizabeth Hobbs - Demo Reel
  4. Narration // Elizabeth Hobbs - Demo Reel
  5. Promo // Elizabeth Hobbs - Demo Reel